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    Slated to open in Los Angeles in the Fall of 2013, "Beyond Sight" is rooted in the troubling reality that many of our soldiers are experiencing today coming home from war. Our story centers on Jack, an American Soldier who has recently returned from his tour after he and his patrol were hit with an Improvised Explosive Device. Jack and his extended family must then confront and overcome his resulting disability, as well as the prejudices that returning veterans and the blind endure.

  • Absolutely Filthy - An Unauthorized parody of Peanuts ABSOLUTELY FILTHY
    WORLD PREMIERE! A homeless man who lives in a perpetual cloud of dust and grime suddenly finds his life even more difficult to bear when he stumbles upon the funeral of his long-estranged best friend. But as he encounters his childhood friends for the first time in years, he finds he just may have a shot at redemption. Maybe. (Adapted from the Serial Killers serial Pigpen @ 30)