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Priscilla Periwinkle, played fetchingly by Courtney DeCosky, has just begun a vacation at a beachfront cottage, with her Mom Paulette (a very pregnant Natasha Aldridge), her Dad Peter (a very tall Stephen Simon), her bratty little brother Billy (Matte Valle), and the family dog Roscoe (Victor Isaac). 

Priscilla is planning a "Perfect Day" for the first full day of the vacation.  She goes to sleep in the attic bedroom of the cottage, which used to be occupied by a relative and is said to be full of supernatural vibrations.  She awakens the next morning to find that her perfect day may be ruined because it's raining outside.  Undaunted, Priscilla finds some magic crayons, and attempts to draw and color the perfect day.  She, brother Billy, and doggy Roscoe are magically transported to a sunny beach where they meet up with a singing, dancing clam family and the fabled giant Loch Ness Lobster who is very hungry and may ruin the perfect day that seems to be blossoming on the magic beach.  Who will save the day and how will they get home?!

PRISCILLA'S PERFECT DAY has already been delighting audiences since June 12th and is slated to run only through Saturday, July 17th.  There is talk of reopen-ing the show in September, but just in case, make your reservations for this Saturday now!  The word of mouth has been tremendous.  Credit director Jeremy Aldridge and choreographer Michelle Bernath for their well-structured work.  The Lonny Chapman Theatre is located at 10900 W. Burbank Blvd, NoHo.  Call (818) 700-4878 or visit for tickets (only $12.00!) and information.

-Reviewed By Robert Axelrod, July 10, 2010 < back to reviews

Priscilla's Perfect Day